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Misti Gaither – Paranormal Investigator – New Orleans

My name is Misti Gaither and I am a paranormal Investigator from New Orleans. Being able to work in and be involved in the paranormal field means so much to me. Since I was 8 or 9 years old, I have been able to see and hear souls that have passed to the other side. Of course, at that age, I didn’t understand what was going on or whether if was a “gift” that I had been blessed with.

Now that I am much older, I have learned to appreciate the gift of being a psychic medium. It is something that I now embrace and welcome. It is my honor to be able to use my gifts to help loved ones connect to those that have passed. Bringing comfort and empowering those who feel they may have a spirit that is unwelcomed or unfriendly in their home. One of my passions is to investigate homes that are experiencing hauntings or historical places enveloped in haunted history and to communicate with the spirits that reside there.

Sometimes people are uncomfortable or don’t know where to turn if they have questions about the other side. Even in today’s times, there is a stigma associated with believing in the paranormal that unfortunately causes people not to reach out for help. It is my goal to be accessible, and approachable and to use discretion for those who need and want help.

You can follow me on my adventures on Facebook and Instagram on my Paranormal Investigator Misti Gaither pages. Join me on this adventure as I stay true to my calling and use my gifts to communicate, investigate and hopefully bring resolution to those seeking answers and peace.

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